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BlueJ 5.0.2a released
02 Dec 2021


Version 5.0.2a is an update for Mac only, to fix crashes that occur on MacOS 12 (Monterey).

All users on other operating systems should continue to use 5.0.2 as before, but Mac users are advised to update to 5.0.2a, especially if on MacOS Monterey.

BlueJ 5.0.2 released
06 Aug 2021


BlueJ 5.0.2 has now been released, containing fixes for a crash on launch, an issue with JavaFX user programs, and several editor bugs.

Full details are in this post.

BlueJ 5.0.1 released
30 Apr 2021


BlueJ 5.0.1 has now been released, containing many bug fixes and a few new features, such as automatically closing curly brackets, and allowing editing of text files.

Full details are in this post.

BlueJ 5.0.0 has been released
28 Jan 2021


BlueJ 5.0.0 has now been released, featuring an improved Java editor, JUnit 5 support and more. It is available to download now.

More details are available in this announcement post.

BlueJ 4.2.2 released
04 Oct 2019


BlueJ 4.2.2 has now been released. It fixes an issue with a space being inserted at the beginning of output to the terminal, and a bug where the Submitter preferences could not be edited.

It is available for download from the front page and more information on changes is on the versions page.

BlueJ 4.2.1 released
30 Apr 2019


BlueJ 4.2.1 is now available. This fixes several bugs, including startup freezes on Windows, JavaFX on Ubuntu, and issues with the “file changed on disk” dialog incorrectly appearing.

More discussion of this release can be found in this thread

BlueJ 4.2.0 released with Java 11 support
07 Feb 2019


BlueJ 4.2.0 is now available for download. This is the first release to move beyond Java 8. It targets Java 11, and features support for the var keyword added in Java 10.

For more information, especially about the 64-bit operating system requirement, see this thread.

Bug fix release - BlueJ 4.1.4
30 Oct 2018


BlueJ 4.1.4 fixes a memory leak that caused BlueJ to slow down after some time of editing files.

The error only appeared on some installations, but when it did it caused BlueJ to become inoperable after a time of working with it.

The error was caused by a memory leak in a library update of third party component we are using. It is now fixed.

We recommend that all users upgrade to this new version.

BlueJ 4.1.3 released
07 Sep 2018


BlueJ 4.1.3 has now been released and is available for download. This fixes various minor bugs, especially in the Git support. We recommend upgrading.

If you weren’t aware, BlueJ has had Git support since the release of version 4.0.0, as part of our support for Teamworking. You can use this approachable Git interface to develop BlueJ projects with GitHub, GitLab or any other Git provider.

BlueJ is 19 years old
23 Aug 2018


BlueJ 1.0.0 was released on 23rd August 1999, meaning that today is the 19th anniversary of that release. We are pleased that BlueJ has remained relevant and popular over that time period, with usage still steadily growing.

Thanks to all our new users, but especially to all our long-time users – we apologise if this makes you feel old! We are busily working on version 4.1.3, which we expect to be released in September.

BlueJ 4.1.2 released
10 Nov 2017


BlueJ 4.1.2 has now been released and is available at

Major points:

  • Adding an Interactive Tutorial. It is under Help menu -> Interactive Tutorial.
  • Fixing many printing problems, especially for Java editor.

  • Fixing occasional exceptions/bugs related to compilation.

  • Fixing Git support issues, especially with sub-packages on Windows.

More details are available at this post.

BlueJ 4.1.1 released
18 Sep 2017


BlueJ 4.1.1 has now been released. This fixes Java editor and printing bugs. Available at

More details are available at this post.

BlueJ 4.1.0 released
23 Jun 2017


BlueJ 4.1.0 has now been released. This fixes some graphical display bugs present in 4.0.x. Available at

More details are available in this post.

BlueJ 4.0.1 released
29 Mar 2017


A new version of BlueJ with many bugs fixes is now available for download.

Major fixes:

  • Closing code editor kills created objects
  • Mac menu items not faulty on other languages
  • Debugger is not stopping sometimes
  • Mac: Backspace doesn't work in Terminal
  • Lack of scrolling with lots of methods
  • A full list of fixes and improvements here. Get BlueJ 4.0.1 here.

    BlueJ moves to a new home: King's College London
    13 Mar 2017


    You may have noticed a new logo appearing on the splash screen for the just-released BlueJ 4.0: King’s College London.

    The BlueJ group was at the University of Kent for the last 12 years, and we have a pretty stable team, with a number of very competent developers who have been with us for a long time.

    From February 2017, most of us have moved to King’s College London, a university in the centre of London. This will be the new home of the project. We will still have a small presence at Kent – Ian will stay there – while Davin, Amjad, Neil and Michael have moved.

    This is an exciting move for us. Development of BlueJ will continue as before. Oracle are, as always, very supportive and are continuing support for our team to make further development and support of BlueJ possible.

    Expect more exciting BlueJ releases to come out of King’s in future!

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